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What is a “Design” ?

A design includes both a Mock-up, and a print file.
It is necessary for the following clothes : Shirt eSport Pro, Hoodie Pro, You know Pro, headlines.
Other clothes just need your PNG logo.

  1. The Mock-up is a “preview” realistic clothing. The Mock-up is done on Photoshop.
  2. The Print file is the boss of the jersey, that is, what is printed directly on the polyester. There is on a print file : forward, the back, the right and left sleeves, and the pass. It is done on Illustrator (.ai or .pdf)

Have a Design

– Buy it entirely on the site

Just surrender on this site, and add to the cart what you want our graphic designers to do for you.

When you buy a Design on our site :

  1.  a graphic designer comes to you by Mail or Twitter during the week (depends on the number of design orders, and the availability of our graphic designers) to offer you a first version Mock-up of your clothes.
  2. You can ask to have it changed as you wish.
  3. Once the Mock-up has been confirmed, this graphic designer will continue with the creation of the print file. It will ask you to confirm the print file as well.

A Noter : You will not have access to the files (.psd, .ai or .psd), but simply to the images (.png or .jpeg)

– I just have a Mockup : Buy print file only

for example, you only made this type of image. You don't have a boss (print file) so that your jersey can be printed. This example image is a presentation image of your Mock-up.

If you do not know how to make a print file yourself on illustrator and you want to entrust it to one of our graphic designers without buying the entire design,
Note that you can buy the print file for only € 18.90 here

– Do it yourself

If you want to take over the entire design, you must have :

  • The print file .ai or .pdf clothing (that you have to create from Illustrator only) available blank for download here
  • Le Mock-up, jersey preview in .png (reduce its size so that it is not too heavy) that you can create from Photoshop
  • The installation file of the typographies used .ttf or .otf
  • PNG images imported into your print file if there are any. Follow the explanations below to recover them.

To recover the pdf print file, typographies and images imported from your print file via Illustrator, click here :

The print file must be completely (or, the most possible) vector. Ie without pixels, that curves drawn with the tool PLUME on Illustrator.

If you zoom in and the paths are vector, you will not lose quality. The more vectorial the file, the more it will be light and modifiable and especially, of good print quality.

The nickname must also be editable.

The logos on the sleeve should not be too large, or they will make the print very bad. Maximum this size.

Please note that the edge of the sleeve is not visible since it is folded at the level of the notch inwards. You have to mount the edge higher if you want it to be visible, as on the screen above. Likewise for the lower part of the front and rear.

Send my design

Once your design is finished :

– If you bought it

You have nothing else to do. You can place a group order on the site here and / or create a shop here. Just follow the instructions.
We have your design, so you just have to enter the name of your team to find it and print it.

– If you did

(or by an external graphic designer) on illustrator as agreed and following the steps indicated above ;

  • You wish to place a group order (5 rooms and more) :
    • Appointment on this page
    • Choose a garment on the page
    • Follow the steps and send your design in the form that is offered to you
    • Place an order
  • You want to create your online store
    • Appointment on this page
    • Choose a store model (Standard, Premium ou Exclusive)
    • Fill out the form on the page by sending your design, then add the shop to the cart, and order