Photoshop (optional)
The blank print file, available for download here

  The Mockup (optional)

The mockup consists of two preview images of your garment, as if they were realistic photos. It allows you to visualize what your garment will look like after printing and especially, to present it without waiting for it to be in your hands.

It is made on Photoshop. It cannot be used on its own to print and create the garment : for this you need a print file.

You can find mockups of your clothes on the internet or buy them from yellowimages.with

  The Print File

The print file is a pattern, made up of the front, from the back, sleeves and collar. It is different for each garment. It is done only from and with Illustrator (You don't have to do it on Photoshop and then send it to Illustrator, you have to do everything from Illustrator).

It is made on Illustrator. It is mandatory to print the garment. This is what is printed directly on the polyester to be cut and assembled.

You can find the blank print files by clicking below :

Blank print files
  1. Click the button below to download the blank print file.
  2. Open Illustrator, click on File > To open and open the garment file.
  3. Personalize your garment. If you don't know how to do, we advise you to entrust this task to our graphic designers here. They will make it from your design.
  4. Once completed, go in File > Assemblage and create the folder of your print file. There will be the images used, the typographies and the print file which will be requested when ordering or when adding the garment in store.

Send the design and order or shop

The design is sent when you order. You just have to go to this page, click on the chosen garment then follow the steps.
If you want to create a store with design, also just follow the steps on this page