What is a design ?

1 Design = 1 File Print + 1 Mock-up:)


I have a Mock-up (Preview image)

It's a good start ! You know what will look like your custom clothing. Now, you remains only to choose between :

– Make yourself the print file (Menu Design)
– Buy the print file (Menu Design)

I have a vector print file

You can order these custom clothes in “custom printing” right now !
You will suffice
to fill in this print file,the fonts used and imported images on the file (logos)

Illustrator > File > Assemblage | Then compress the folder created to send it to the purchase page jerseys.

I receive my design how long after purchase in store?

A graphic of our partner agency will contact (email or twitter) with you about a week after purchase, with a first version of the design.
You can ask to make changes.

I have nothing, help.

Chill out. You have the choice between :

– Make design yourself if you have skills in Illustrator (Menu “Design” > “I intend to do everything myself”)
– Buy a design for a graphic designer to do it for you, go to https://design.onexwear.co

What is a personalized printing?

It is simply a control garment(s) fully customized to your image.
Our strength, is that for 5 parts and purchased at once, OneXWear offers very advantageous prices.

Example : The shirts are € 28.90 / unit only for a bulk order of 5 shirts and more, and 26,90 € / unit 15 parts and + !

The only drawback ? It is not suitable for control of a single piece example. That is why we set up the possibility of having her own shop ! (see below)

What are the deadlines Custom Print?

A custom clothing order takes 25 at 35 days before taking off to your door ! (Except in times of coronavirus, cyclones or meteorites)

Must be a partner to realize personalized printing ?

Yes ! Only our dear partners that possibility. We work almost exclusively with them.

To become a partner, Appointment HERE.

Can I print only one jersey ?

Yes, It's entirely possible.

For this you will need at least a print file and go to this page and follow the indications on the design, then select “Between 1 and 4 rooms”.

What features custom clothing OneXWear ?

They are 100% Polyester.
This allows them to be both resistant, flexible, and perspirants. They are thus very comfortable to wear LAN, where it is hot.

The 100% polyester, it's good, sublimation, it's even better !
This is a printing technique particularly suitable for textile eSports.
Integrated into the fiber, your video will render ideal, with vibrant colors, and do not tarnish wash, Here high-temperature.

My product has a printing error, what to do ?

Your product does not comply with the information entered when ordering ? No worries, you just need to send an email to [email protected] with one or more photos of this error as well as your order number. We will then take over.

Which carrier can I choose ?

When ordering, at the time of the delivery stage, several carriers are available to you. Here they are :

Intl, UPS, DHL and Chronopost.

Their offers are not identical in terms of delivery time.

What is the delivery delay ?

The delivery time depends on the carrier and the delivery offer selected when ordering.

You will receive your order on average 3 working days after dispatch.

I received an email from Packlink, What is that ?

Packlink is a platform collaborating with different carriers.

They are responsible for sending you the information necessary for the proper tracking of your package..

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information.