This code of good conduct is there to remind Affiliates of the behavior we expect from them., as well as the consequences that could arise from bad behavior.
The definition of good or bad behavior is at the sole discretion of ONE X WEAR.


  • This Affiliate program aims to bring together and allow everyone to support the Affiliate they want. Be respectful, humble and open-minded towards other affiliates or towards any other person using the Affiliate program.
  • Keep your information private and secure. Also, don't share your winnings.
  • Create more or less explicit content related to electronic sport.
  • In the event of unacceptable behavior, change your behavior when prompted by ONE X WEAR.


  • Do not advertise excessively and do not spam.
  • Do not utter hate speech, don't threaten, do not harass and discriminate against anyone, do nothing illegal
  • Do not create or display any pornographic content related to ONE X WEAR.
  • Do not infringe any copyright and trademark of ONE X WEAR or any other third party.
  • Do not promote or participate in ONE X WEAR related games.
  • Do not participate in any action that (under terms and conditions at the sole discretion of ONE X WEAR) abuse the game or any other player.


In the event that the affiliate adopts a behavior which does not respect this code of good conduct, ONE X WEAR se réserve le droit de prendre toute mesure qui lui semble appropriée, including excluding the Affiliate from the program without prior warning.

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